Getting Started

This guide walks you through using Nimbus to forward and optimize your log traffic from datadog. This assumes you're sending logs using the datadog agent. If that's not the case, see integrations for documentation for other sources.

1. Connect your Datadog Account

  1. Click on Sinks in the left navbar and click Add Sink and select Datadog

  1. Enter your datadog site and a valid API key:

  • you can find what site you're on by matching your datadog URL to the following table

  • you can either use an existing api key or create a new one in Organizational Settings > API Keys

2. Connect your Logs

This sections walks through adding Nimbus via the datadog agent. If you are using a different integration, see datadog integrations for integration specific instructions.

Start by adding the following configuration to your datadog config

    enabled: true
    url: "https://YOUR_NIMBUS_ENDPOINT"

NOTE: YOUR_NIMBUS_ENDPOINT is an URL that is generated for you when you first create an account

Optionally, you can configure the endpoint using the following environmental variables. This is useful when you're running the datadog agent in kubernetes like environments and don't have easy access to the raw configuration.


Update your datadog agent to run with the new configuration. Congratulations - you're now forwarding log traffic with Nimbus!

At this point, Nimbus will start analyzing your traffic. It can take up to 24h for initial results to show up if this is your first time integrating. So go grab some coffee and go on with your day. We'll send you an email when the findings are ready for you to review in the hub.

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