Nimbus Hub

The Nimbus Hub (or Hub for short) acts as your command center for all optimizations.

Nimbus automatically identifies high traffic log patterns and displays them on the console as a table.

It can take up to 24 hours for initial results to show up. Grab a coffee and go on with your day - we'll send you an email when findings are ready!

Table Properties

  • Name: Autogenerated name for the traffic pattern

  • Volume: The total number of logs analyzed for the given pattern (for an 1h period)

  • Percentage: The percentage of logs this pattern represents (for an 1h period) compared to all logs

  • Updated: When this log pattern was last updated

  • Optimized: Whether this log pattern is already optimized

Applying a Transform

To apply a transform, click on Details link on the log pattern you wish to update.

This will open up the transform modal with two panels.

The left panel shows the transform that Nimbus generated for the given pattern. The transform is constructed using the Nimbus Transformation Language, a domain specific language optimized for expressing telemetry optimizations.

The right panel shows a sample of raw logs that the transform would act over.

To apply a transform, click on the Apply button in the left panel. This will immediately deploy the transform.

Transformation Previews

Nimbus lets you preview of how logs will be shaped post transformation. Raw Preview shows the log in pure JSON whereas Rich Preview shows you how those logs would show up in Datadog.

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