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You can think of Nimbus as a data pipeline for your telemetry. We provide an out of the box opinionated framework to process your telemetry according to industry best practices.

Flow Diagram

Nimbus Pipeline


Global Ingress Preprocessor

  • parse logs according to source format
  • meter and derive analytics from ingress

Global Router

  • routes telemetry depending on condition
    • if message is identified as an error, forward to error route
    • if message matches a optimization predicate, forward it to filter route
    • all messages not processed by a transform or matched as an error go to the default route

Error Route

  • applies error specific attributes and optimizations

Filter Routes

  • applies optimization specific attributes and optimizations

Default Route

  • applies default attributes and optimizations
  • currently, this applies nimkind: raw to the log

Global Egress Processor

  • meter and derive analytics from ingress
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