Configuration Overrides

Nimbus is architected around observability pipeline best practices and usually requires no manual configuration. That said, we understand that real life systems are complex and more flexibility is needed.

To that end, configuration overrides let you override any part of the Nimbus pipeline with your custom VRL code.

Configuration Overrides is currently in Limited Access. Please contact if you want to use it

1. Click on the Configuration Tab

2. Edit a configuration

You can use any valid VRL to edit the configuration.

You can use the Override dropdown to change what part of the pipeline you wish to edit. The current options are:

  • nim/in/global_remap: controls ingress. all data will pass by this transform

  • nim/out/global_remap: controlls egress. all data that is sent upstream will pass by this transform

For a full list of configuration options, visit the configuration reference

3. Save your configuration

Hit Save to apply your changes.

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