Private Link

Nimbus lets you set up private connectivity between your cloud provider and Nimbus.

How it Works

With Nimbus Private Link, you can directly connect your VPC with Nimbus using AWS VPC Endpoints. Note that this is currently only supported for AWS accounts in region us-east-1.


  • cost reduction: with private link, your egress cost go down by 90% (regular egress on AWS is $0.09/GB. With private link, this becomes $0.01/GB)

  • compliance and security: prevent sensitive data from traversing the public internet


1. Create a VPCEndpoint using our cloudformation template

Ensure Cloudformation stack is in status CREATE_COMPLETE and VPC Endpoint is Available with has Private DNS names enabled before proceeding

2. Verify the connection

You can test the endpoint by sending data to $ in a connected subnet

curl -v -d "{msg: ping}" https://$ 

NOTE: Sending the request outside of the connected VPC will result in 403 response

3. Update your Nimbus Endpoints

To switch over to private link, update your Nimbus endpoint. to the new schema by adding privatelink to your Nimbus endpoint.

See integrations specific docs for your integration endpoints.

- https://$API_KEY-$
+ https://$API_KEY-$

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