1. Add your Nimbus Endpoint as a Log Drain

heroku drains:add "https://$YOUR_NIMBUS_ENDPOINT?dd-api-key=<DD_API_KEY>&ddsource=heroku&env=<ENV>&service=<SERVICE>&host=<HOST>" -a <APPLICATION_NAME>

2. Add custom attributes (optional)

You can add custom attributes by appending it to the end of your drain query string

heroku drains:add "https://$YOUR_NIMBUS_ENDPOINT?dd-api-key=<DD_API_KEY>&ddsource=heroku&env=<ENV>&service=<SERVICE>&host=<HOST>&<attKey>=<attValue>" -a <APPLICATION_NAME>

3. Confirm receiving logs

Verify via the datadog log console that logs are coming in with the expected attributes

4. Remove your old endpoint

heroku drains:remove <id-of-dd-drain>

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