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    Create a new relic API key
    • You can create a new key via the api keys page of your new relic account
    • For the settings, use the following
      • Key Type: Ingest - License
      • Name: Nimbus
    • Note down the account id when you create the key


1. Add Nimbus as an additional logging endpoint

heroku drains:add "$NIMBUS_LOG_ENDPOINT?Api-Key=$NEWRELIC_LICENSE_KEY&format=heroku" -a $APP_NAME
NOTE: if you have custom key/value pairs that you want to attach to your logs, be sure to add them at the end as {key}={value} pairs
  • example adding fookey=foovalue to every log:
heroku drains:add "$NIMBUS_LOG_ENDPOINT?Api-Key=$NEWRELIC_LICENSE_KEY&format=heroku&fookey=foovalue" -a $APP_NAME

2. Register your custom attributes with Nimbus

Enter the following information in the console:
  1. 1.
    The new relic license key you are using with the heroku log drain
  2. 2.
    The new relic account id associated with the license key
  3. 3.
    Any custom key/value pairs that you want to persist to your log (in our fookey=foovalue example, this would be fookey)
Congrats, you're done. You should start getting traffic results in the console within 24 hours!
Last modified 2mo ago